Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Squirting Mastery Review - What You HAVE To Know The highly anticipated Squirting Mastery DVD set finally reached it's way to my door this past monday and I wanted to share my thoughts about the DVD set with everyone, and highlight the good and the bad. First off, Squirting Mastery is highly sexual and erotic. I've seen the other two products created by the 2GTS crew and I would say Squirting Orgasm Mastery really overdelievers. Squirting Mastery is essentially a DVD set that showcases exactly how to give a girl 5 (yes, 5) types of orgasms. Hell, most guys think they've struck gold if they stumble upon 1! Not Marcus London though. Marcus has given over 300 women squirting orgasms and has spent 3 years of research and trial and error learning how to perfect his methods. Click Here To Check Out Squirting MasteryThe coolest part of this DVD set in my opinion is the fact that Marcus actually SHOWS you how to achieve Squirting Orgasm Mastery. Most DVD's of this nature are typically filled with diagrams and science out the ying-yang but not Squirting Orgasm Mastery. Marcus breaks down exactly what he does to give women intense, heart-pounding squirting orgasms without going off the cliff with science. It's not nearly as intimidating as I thought. Here's the kicker though, Marcus then shows you techniques he's teaching you on 5 hot (scratch that, SUPER hot chicks) to top it all off, he even demonstrates some of his best stuff on the luscious Tori Black (2010 AVN Adult Female Performer Of The Year). I can't even begin to explain how the techniques outlined in Squirting Orgasm Mastery will blow your mind.......Another great aspect of this DVD set is the fact that Marcus shows you some techniques to ease your girl into this. Some women are very conservative about sex and Marcus shows you EXACTLY how to get her to open up and let loose. Marcus also includes some mental tips to. While it may not sound like much of anything, being able to get your girl in the right mindset for a squirting orgasm can make a lot of difference in the outcome. I was afraid that the live "squirting" demonstrations would turn this into soft-porn but it really didn't come off that way. While the video is very explicit it is still educational rather than something I would look at as pornography. Overall, I have to tip my cap to Marcus. He knows his stuff and the simplistic, easy-to-learn techniques he showed me are definitely worth the money.Click Here To Check Out Squirting Mastery

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