Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Make a Woman Orgasm - Get Your Girl To Her Reach Orgasm

Want to know how to make a woman orgasm? Its not difficult to make a woman reach orgasm. you just have to learn a few basics on how a woman sexuality works. It is sad but true that most females do not experience the joy of orgasm and are left only to fake it for the sake of their partner. Sex is an amazing thing when both partners can climax together. But because it's not as easy for women to reach climax as it is for men, guys have a bit more work cut out for them to make their partner reach her orgasm. Below are some steps to
greatly improve the chances of making a girl reach her orgasm.

One - Make her orgasm by seducing her mind. That's right. Be playful and give her time to build up her sexual energy. A Woman's orgasm is only as good as the build up of "sex energy" that will be released later. This is an important step in a sequence of steps that will build her energies up and the payoff is your girl waking the neighbors screaming your name!

Two - Do not underestimate the power of foreplay! You need to wind up your girl like a beautiful watch. Carefully building up the sexual tension and anticipation with a mix of teasing, sucking, nibbling, touching and whispering. A symphony of pleasurable stimulation leading to the orgasmic grand finale climax. The important thing to remember here is to go slow and to never over stimulate her. Talk to your woman. Ask her what she likes.

Three - When you understand how to make girl orgasm, you know it isn't always about putting your penis inside her. A lot of women can be ready to reach orgasms with the right foreplay. So now you have several techniques that you can further use to build her sexual excitement up including using a vibrator, massaging her Gspot and oral sex which is also known as cunnilingus. Try different things. Ask her what works for her. Sexual communication is a really important p art to make a woman reach orgasm.
So to recap, in step one good lovemaking starts long before you reach the bedroom. You need to cock the hammer in the gun, metaphorically speaking. You need to slowly build her sexual tension up bit by bit. The fantastic orgasms that she will have later are well worth the time and effort building up her sexual excitement for release later on. You can use verbal foreplay. Turning your woman inside her head first will make her orgasm later. A twist is playful discreet, public foreplay. For example tell her that she's got sexy eyes or how good she looks wearing a certain dress. Build her up, make her feel good, confident and sexy.

With step two the importance is with the mix of various verbal and physical intimate foreplay to continue building up your girls sex energy and sexual anticipation! Take your time and keep the momentum and flow going. It is easy to get distracted and loose the focus much like dropping the ball during the game. The satisfaction and rew ard of knowing how to make a woman orgasm is only overshadowed by her own actual orgasm. To build your woman up during foreplay and get her ready for massive organismic climaxes you need to stimulate all of her body lovingly, gently and teasingly. Never spending to much time in one area as you don't want her to get bored. And also be mindful of overstimulating her if your near her clitoris, you always want to be close but never on it, yet!

The third level step three is about bringing her to the level where your ready to make her orgasm with the possibility of making her reach climax in a variety of ways. One method how to make a woman orgasm with the most earth shaking intense multiple orgasms she's ever had is to massage her G-spot. A powerful technique but not commonly known how to do right. Also you can almost always make a girl orgasm by giving her well performed oral sex. Continually teasing her with your tongue all around her vagina but nev er directly on her love dome the clitoris unless starts tightly clasping your head into her pussy. You can do oral methods while you play with her breast and nipples and/or with the other hand massage her G-spot! Most women are also accustomed to reaching orgasms with the aid of a vibrator. Don't be afraid of using that as well to help make her orgasm. When you get your woman to that certain point she may want your member thrusting deep inside of her and quite likely you can make her reach loud multiple orgasms if done right! This is how to make a woman orgasm.

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