Friday, November 11, 2011

Give a girl the best orgasm-Give your girl the orgasms of her life tonight

To give a girl the best orgasm you have to be skilled at cunnilingus, simple as that. Yes intercourse will give her the odd lucky vaginal orgasm but cunnilingus will give a girl the best orgasm 9 times out of every 10 times that you lick her.

The facts cannot be ignored, over 80% of women said that they only recieve orgasms from cunnilingus and another huge number is the 65% of women who cheat did so because their men was not able to bring them to climax.

So not only will cunnilingus give a girl the best orgasm but it will prevent her from getting it somewhere else. Here are the 2 golden rules on giving a girl an oral sex orgasm.
1. You have to make her feel like you are with her for who she is, she must feel secure and wanted. As soon as women feel loved and needed you will notice that they want more sex. The reason for this is that women are naturally giving so if you give her the security and love that she craves for then she will reward you with the sexual contact that you crave for.

2. Once she is feeling good then she will have no issues with you venturing down to lick her vagina. Once you are down below the key to give a girl the best orgasm is to pace yourself, always start slow and respond to her body signals such as wriggling and moaning (with pleasure for a change) with an increase in your tongues licking speed. When the body signals start to get a bit intense then start on her clitoris and within a minute she will be crying your name out in gratidude as she has her best ever climax.

That's how to give a girl the best climax but remember practice makes perfect .

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