Monday, September 19, 2011

3 Ways To Stop Early Ejaculation-Natural Cures For Early Ejaculation

Early ejaculation is not a problem that many men are willing to talk about, they keep it bottled up and treat it like a dirty secret. But by doing this the problem gets worse and ejaculation gets even quicker, as it becomes al you can think about. There is no need to feel ashamed, it is a problem that can be solved easily in most cases.

Actual figures vary but on average 40% of men have problems with early ejaculation, there are many ways to help you last longer during sex lets look at three.

1. This is a strange one that is claimed to work wonders for many mens early ejaculation, it involves pushing the tongue hard against the roof of your mouth while you have intercourse. It is part of the tantric sex teachings and has helped many men to last longer. I have never tried this one but have read about on many websites.

2. The good old masturbate before sex method, twice if possible. This works in two ways, for a start it numbs the penis which helps to keep early ejaculation at bay, it also takes away the need to come which gives you more control. Men have been using this method for many years as it is one of the most effective.

3. Put all your lovemaking efforts into pleasing your partner, you will surprised how effective this tip is. Lets say you have sex and all you think about is yourself then early ejaculation is common, on the other hand think only of the other person, put her needs before yours and the chances are that you will last a lot longer.

Those are just quick tips with a quick internet search you can find many more tips to stop early ejaculation.

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