Sunday, August 28, 2011

3 Best Sex Positions for Female Orgasms

Isn't it time you discovered how to make a woman orgasm in more creative ways that will keep her wondering what exactly you are going to do next?

In this article, you will learn about 3 creative sex positions that will make a woman orgasm in ways that will give her out-of-this world orgasms.

3 Best Sex Positions for Female Orgasms

Best Sex Position #1 The Cross position To get into this splendid position you are going to lie at a right angle from her with your lower legs under both of her bent legs as she is laying down in a Missionary position. While this angle decreases the amount of skin-to-skin contact it actually increases the intensity of the penetration which your woman will really appreciate.

Best Sex Position #2 The Reverse Mirror Cowgirl This is basically the regular Cowgirl position except she will be facing away from you as she plants her feet instead of kneeling on the bed. This particular position can be particularly tiring for some women even though it does give her a lot of control and power that is lacking in other sexual positions, so give it a try and see what happens.

Best Sex Position #3 Licking the Flag Pole - Oral sex always provides a woman with pleasure and Licking the Flag Pole is no exception to this rule. To get into this great cunlinngus position you both will be on your sides as she then places her lower thigh under your head while her upper leg points to the sky (just like a flag pole)

Best of all when you apply a high quality female stimulating gel (that contains L-Arginine in it) underneath the hood of her clitoris before the two of you get into any of these 3 best sex positions you will find yourself with a woman who experiences the kind of female orgasms that every woman dreams about.

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